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WYND's mission is to elevate health and wellness though our passion for air quality

So many of us obsess over what we put in our bodies. We drink filtered water and organic food-but how often do we really consider the quality of the air we breathe?

This is what flashed through CEO and Founder Ray Wu's mind as he stepped off a plane in Beijing into a thick shroud of smog. The air smelled like scorched metal, a brown haze obscured the landscape, and his throat immediately felt coated with dust. He realized that he needed a device that could sense the air and clean it up as needed, wherever he went.

Ray decided to gather a team of fellow MIT grads, NASA engineers, and renowned designers to create WYND.

Founded in 2014, WYND offers an innavative suite of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions.

The AI-powered WYND Halo air quality monitor and medical-grade WYND Max air purifier enable healthy spaces by increasing the safety, comfort, and performance of building inhabitants. Our products continuously monitor and purify to ensure the air is always at the highest health and wellness standard.



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Our Values

We are passionate about enabling healthy spaces for everyone. We are committed to providing industry-leading, AI-powered air quality solutions for all our customers. We strive to connect the world with healthier air.

We take ownership and pride in our work. We empower everyone to treat the company as their own because we are all part-owners. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality with no excuses.

We encourage constant improvement. We love teammates who are always innovating and curious about the world. The company provides any resources we need to learn and grow.

We believe our potential has no boundaries. We aim to achieve what most people think is impossible. We’re motivated to not only meet but exceed our goals, and we work with the best people to solve problems together.

We are strategic about making things happen. We expect everyone to work hard and intelligently prioritize tasks that will make the most impact. Nobody is above getting into the weeds when serving the best interests of the company.

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WYND's goal is to
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